Nelly Atef is a French singer and composer born in Egypt. She began ballet lessons at the age of 6. She took piano lessons at the age of 7. Her father is an engineer and a businessman. Her mother is a French teacher.


 Nelly arrived to France at the age of 10 with her parents. She took singing lessons at the age of 15. She started to write songs for French artists. Nelly published a song "le temps des fleurs" that she sang on her personal blog . Composers like her voice because of it's rarity and originality and found that she has a beautiful voice to record and started singing some songs.  


 Nelly released her first single composed of songs in English and French in September 2011. Her first album was released in Europe on May 2012 and in the whole world in November 2012. B. Record the biggest distributor in Europe has noticed Nelly and asked her to join them.


Nelly graduated from the University of Sorbonne in Paris. She started to work as a French teacher in France but she keeps singing and writing songs.   

Nelly is the first Egyptian-French artist to sign the guestbook at the Palace of Regina in Paris during shooting her first commercial. She also worked with German and French directors like Thomas Rimbot.


Nelly was chosen in 2010 as the official model of the American company “Ford” in France. This year Ford has had the highest number of sales.

She was praised by the French director of the Ford Motor Company in October 2010. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was also present.


Nelly has been selected then in July 2011 for tourism advertising. This advertisement encourages people around the world to visit Paris.


Nelly was selected as Best phenomenon for the category "I invented a new music" by the production of the French Channel TF6. The Music of Nelly "CHESMET" (called Kemet before) was known as a new kind of music in July 2016. 


Her first movie "Briseuse de Cœur" (Miss Heart-Breaker) has participated in many festivals.